Outremer - Pt I

Outremer: a sprawling historical and spiritual epic set during the 12th Century Crusades based upon real people and events. It is a journey through various regions across medieval Europe, the Holy Land to Jerusalem and Egypt as you walk through the pages of history and religion in the footsteps of knights and pilgrims alike. But this story is also about mankind’s true hidden past that stretches further into antiquity than our accepted history teaches. If you have ever wondered about the mysteries of the so-called mythical Atlantis, ancient civiliser gods and pre-history, then answers to some of them, based upon solid research and evidence, all of which can be verified and confirmed, are revealed within these pages. Many ancient mysteries are covered from so-called dragons, ancient flying devices of myth, to angels present throughout the history of mankind, to who and how the pyramids at Giza and others around the world were made and more importantly, why. 


    Outremer is also a powerful love story that weaves between the threads of our reality and other realms. From ancient megalithic sites, to Druids, Sufi mystics, the Magi of the east to the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and the Isma’ilis, better known to us today as the Hashashin’s or Assassins’, Islam’s equivalent to the Templar’s; how they shared much in common and even rumoured to be in the Templar employ. Startling revelations, based upon hard historical facts overlooked and brutally suppressed prove that the Templar’s sought a systematic policy of fusion between Islamic, Christian and Judaic thought. Both orders were incredibly conversant with astronomy and numerology and the Templar’s true origins are shown to stem from an even older military order.


   From the disastrous ‘Battle of Hattin’ on the 4th of July  1187 AD to the subsequent fall of Jerusalem to the Muslim armies under Saladin; events that were to change the course of history forever, to the tactics, uniforms and weapons employed by both sides are explained in graphic detail. Thought provoking, inspiring and informative, it is a heart-wrenching tale that also reveals genuine codes from antiquity that prevailed during this period but which still have profound consequences for all of us.


    Outremer answers what the Holy Grail really is and the myth surrounding the Merovingian bloodline, Arthurian legend, the Knights Templar’s and sacred centres across the world, but, also traces a secret back far into antiquity never even imagined through esoteric and exoteric revelations.


    The connection with twelve is explained and how it came to be important within the symbolism of Jesus and his twelve disciples at the last supper, which was later included into the myth and symbolism of King Arthur and his twelve Knights of the Round Table. This symbolism is all divulged slowly as the story unfolds leading you to its final conclusion and what the real secret behind the Holy Grail was, and still is, with its affects upon the people during the crusades and why and how it is still so relevant even today.


    Outremer reveals that the secret which has waited thousands of years to reveal itself is a secret that trails from the pyramids of ancient Egypt, to ancient sites in Great Britain and Europe’s greatest cathedrals. A secret that connects the Knights Templar, King Arthur, Jesus Christ, ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian myths, the Ark of the Covenant and Moses and even Oak Island in Nova Scotia: This is the secret behind the true Holy Grail revealed. Outremer strips away a lot of the hype and sensationalism to reveal it in its true form what those secret codes of antiquity were and stood for that both the Templar’s and Sufi mystics knew. Not just about a bloodline, but a secret far more important for future generations’ benefits that includes the John the Baptist mysteries and Johannite heresy. The hidden meaning behind the symbolism of a ‘Finger’ pointing to the heavens as a sign of John the Baptist and why it was viewed as so significant and reproduced exoterically within later famous paintings, especially those by Leonardo Da Vinci. The early Templar seal was a ‘Lamb of God’ image, which was also John the Baptist’s main symbol. A hand pointing upwards was an ancient symbol for an offer to be taught and be invited to learn secret teachings.


    Throughout the story, a mystery unfolds about bloodlines that stretch further back into antiquity with their descendants originating from two original ancient lines and as Outremer reaches its conclusion, revealed for the first time are the true origins and impetuous behind the nine original knights going to Jerusalem and founding the Knights Templar. Outremer details the secret from antiquity that the Templar’s guarded. It relates to all of us today, and not just a bloodline but a secret that reveals mankind’s true origins, our true past that stretches back many thousands of years before accepted history, but also our true potential as well as a legacy from antiquity that still waits to be uncovered; more correctly, recovered!


   Outremer has two stories running simultaneously with a third ‘hidden esoteric’ story being conveyed as well as genuine codes from antiquity along with a current code. Many symbols from antiquity are detailed and explained and although set within the 12th century, it actually covers mans pre-history, true past, suppressed knowledge and strips away many of our present misconceptions of medieval history as taught as fact today.


    Outremer addresses questions rarely asked and sheds new light on pressing issues that fuel the fires of religious division and demonstrates how the Crusades helped shape the relations between Christian and Muslim countries to this day. Informative yet never descending into the sensational, but not avoiding the horrors either, Outremer concludes that there is a way out of the dogmatic quagmire and a way forward as well as reveal hitherto unsuspected secrets that affect all of us.


© D.N. Carter 2017