Within Outremer I have explained several ancient codes, as well as used them to form a modern code readers may wish to try and crack. I have learned and believe that religion is a vehicle that has been used to impart certain moral rules and guidelines, sadly often grossly misunderstood or interpreted, but also to carry very real complex mathematical and harmonic codes, which clearly demonstrates a higher intelligence behind all of it. We are only now waking up to see those codes as our own scientific and technological knowledge grows; beforehand we could not recognise them for what they are. It is knowledge and an understanding all people should have the opportunity to be shown.


    Below is but a fraction and small hint at some of the clues and codes within Outremer where they are all fully detailed and explained. For those who crack the code, it leads to a recounted within Outremer is the only hint I will offer. 


    The most famous number is that of the beast, 666 as given in the Book of Revelation 13:15–18, so I shall use that as an example. In critical editions of the Greek text, such as the Novum Testamentum Graece, it is noted that 616 is a variant. ‘Here is wisdom...let him that hath understanding know that the mark of the beast is 666, for it is the number of man’. Well that got me thinking as I wanted to know what it meant. The value of 216 was regarded by Pythagoras as a magic number as it is the same as 6 to the power of 3, or 6 x 6 x 6.  Add a zero to 216, we get 2,160, the diameter of the Moon in miles. When viewed from Earth, the Moons apparent circumference is identical to that of the Suns apparent circumference. 2,160 years is also the processional period of each Zodiacal cycle through the heavens. 2,160 x 12 equals the total complete processional cycle of all twelve signs of the Zodiac at 25,920 years. 2,160 divided by 6 equals the 360 degrees in a circle. When divided by 24 hours it equals 90 degrees, a right angle. When divided by 12, it equals 180 degrees.


    In Revelations, the New Jerusalem is represented with twelve gates.  Also the pillars that were raised in Solomon’s temple were 18 cubits high with another four cubits high chapiters, capitals as we call them now on top, spaced exactly seven cubits apart, which is 22 by 7. The ratio of 22 by 7 was evidently very important to them. We know why as 22 over 7 is the standard engineering working formula for calculating PI, without which, none of the huge cathedrals and churches could have been built. The actual book of Revelations in the New Testament just also happens to be 22 chapters long and also states the New Jerusalem is 12,000 furlongs square, which is equal to 220 yards, as there are 220 yards in a furlong, multiplied by 12,000 is equal to 2,640,000 yards. There are three feet to a yard. So 2,640,000 multiplied by 3 equals 7,920,000. The Earth’s diameter is equal to 7,920 miles.  As the New Jerusalem is a square, we can multiply our 7,920,000 by 4 which then equals 31,680,000. Also 7,920 miles multiplied by 4 equals 31,680 miles. 31,680 divided by our number 1,440 equals 22. In Revelations the number 144,000 is stated as an important figure. The number 31,680 is important especially within the numerical codes of Gematria, as certain phrases and words as spoken by Jesus, total in value 31,680.


    It means that whole sentences and words within the Bible, when you change the individual letters into mathematical values, you end up with certain numbers that constantly appear and repeat within its pages. Note that 31,680 divided by 220 equals 144. Also if we were to draw a square box around the Earth, touching the equator, the perimeter of the square would equal 31,680 miles.


    360, 72, 30 and 12 constantly appear in myths, legends and religious writings, the value of 1,080 being a very important one. 30 x 72 equals 2,160. 2,160 x 12 equals 25,920 just as 360 x 72 equals 25,920 which equal the number of years taken to complete the procession of all twelve signs of the Zodiac. 72 and 720 were frequently added to 36 and 360 making 108 and 1,080 respectively. The Moon has a radius of 1,080 miles and a diameter of 2,160 miles as explained. Christianity was founded upon the inspirational word of Christ and the Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit written in Greek is equal in value to 1,080 and represents the male and female elements of the terrestrial spirit. Jesus, spelled in Greek equals 888. Mary equals 192. When both are added together, they total 1,080.


   Originally, the early Christian symbol of a fish denoted their church, not the cross. The geometric and esoteric symbol and illustration of the Great Pyramid is known as the ‘Vesica Pisces’ meaning the vessel of the fish. The Great Pyramids height is 481 ft and forms the longer axis of a Vesica Pisces when made from two intersecting circles of equal circumference of 1,746 feet. The perimeter of the rhombus contained within the Vesica Pisces is 1,110 ft, and the area of the rhombus equals 66,600 square feet. The numbers and values obtained from the Vesica Pisces are again also found within the New Testament in Revelations. The volume of the Vesica Pisces is 144,000, which is the same as the number of souls in Revelations. The importance of the value 144,000 is important in its own right as detailed in the Bible, Revelations VII 3:4.


    To me, this demonstrated a highly advanced understanding of our world’s mathematical properties and dimensions, written down thousands of years ago. In Outremer, I have tried to convey these facts and how our ancient forefathers knew.

© D.N. Carter 2017